About this site

Game developers playground is meant to be a creative outlet for the writers and source of learning and inspiration for the reader. Blog posts will cover best-practices when it comes to programming, tutorials for specific technology and frameworks, and code theory lectures.

The level of required code comprehension might vary between blog post to blog post but overall, all assumes the reader has a basic understanding of programming.

About the author

This blog is written and maintained by Bona Fyrvall, a senior software developer and code enthusiast with over 15 years of programming experience. He got a bachelors degree in computer science from Stockholm University. By day he's working as a professional back-end developer at Arrowhead Game Studios, a medium sized game studios situated in Stockholm. During the off hours he likes to make games on his own. The engine of choice is Unity 3D. Lots of energy is focused on building stuff for Unity and extending Unity with new tooling and an improved workflow.

When it comes to programming, Bona has experience in a range of different programming languages, mainly C#, PHP and Kotlin. He's also familiar to variing degress with lots of other languages including C++, CG, Visual Basic, LUA, Javascript, Java and SQL. This blog will contain posts covering many of these languages and lots of theory which applies to most of them.

This blog is not associated with Arrowhead Game Studios or any other company in any way. Everything written is to be taken as the expressions and opinions of the author as an individual.


Most code displayed on this site is written by Bona himself and every piece of code found is release under the MIT license, unless stated otherwise, and therefor free to use for everyone forever.

Bona Fyrvall