Unity Editor: Create an editor window

Published Saturday, 25 January 2020

Unity3d is a great game engine to work with and gets more features added all the time. When the built in tools don't suffice there are even more ready made tolls available to download from different sources including Unity's Assets store and But what do you do when you cant find what you are looking for? The answer is easy: build your own. Unity3d has a quite extensive editor API designed for this purpose.

Purpose of the tool

We recently downloaded an asset pack from the Asset store filled with visual effects, specifically particle systems prefabs, to use in a game project but many of them did not comply with our desired format. Most of the effect hade an empty root object, containing only a transform component, and then had the actual particle system as a child. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with this setup but our special effects system requires a particle system to reside in the root of a special effects prefab. We also require each special effect to