Here are a few hobby projects I have been working on. I make no promise that they are complete on released in any official state but if you like to have a look at what I have been doing in my spare time this is a great place to look. I would also recommend taking a look at my GitHub page to see more code of mine.

Bona World Editor

Editor extension for instanciating prefabs into the scene easily. After some initial setup, prefabs can be made available in an editor window which allows for the placement of lots of game objects in the scene quickly and precisely by simple mouse click.Support randomization among prefabs as well as random scaling/rotation to quickly create diverse scenes.

Inspired by old RTS game map editors like those shipped by older Blizzard titles.

Bona World Editor in Unity's asset store

Bona Json for Unity

A plugin for the Unity Game engine released as Open Source and also submitted to Unity\'s asset store.. When the project started Unity lacked any capabilities to serialize/deserialize JSON. That has since to some extent been change but this package is still quite great and provides more control over then serialization more than Unitys in built one.

Bona Json in Unity\'s asset store
Bona Json's source on GitHub


ShellMVC is an open source MVC framework built for and in PHP. It comes complete with a routing engine and a custom object relation mapper for Mysql (through PDO). It's built by me alone and I have used for a lot of pages by now including this one. It's not really released yet but I\'m planning on releasing a v1.0 once I feel it's stable enough, have the functionality I want for a modern php MVC framework and some documentation exists.
The name says ShellCMS, not ShellMVC as is its current name. The original plan was to make a complete CMS.