As a game hobbyist, I like building games in my spare time. Most of them never comes to anything because I find it more fun to try out new things than to finish half finished projects when working on hobby projects. These are a variety of games project that has been released in some form. Most of them have been created during hackathons or game jams and their quality differs.


A VR game built for the Samsung Gear VR in the spring of '15 as an entry to Oculus\'s mobile VR jam. Built together with tree other people during a month of development.

In the game you take control of a rogue AI trying to outsmart a group of human operatives sent in to eliminate you.

Using nothing but gaze-input and taps on the touchpad, you (the player) must navigate the virtual world of nodes in order to prevent an outside force from reaching your mainframe. Knowing your way around the virtual world is only half the battle as you must also keep constant watch over your enemy\'s movement in the physical world, projected in-game as a 3D-map behind you. In essence, the game mechanics is a glorified resource handler where you must keep watch over your own capabilities, including power and processor usage, and both your own and your enemy's objectives. Your enemy will use whatever path they can find to reach you, traveling through both their physical world and your virtual world, trying to either hack your mainframe or breach your server room.

Taken from the DevPost page

Say what!?

A two person "party" game built during global game jam 2015 with two other persons. One players uses the Oculus rift DK2 and the second player is given a heap of papers with hints and solutions to the puzzles in game. The players now have to communicate in order to solves the problems together.

Party puzzler where one player wears an Oculus Rift, while the other player(s) has to rifle through a physical paper manual, instructing the Rift-wearing player how to solve puzzles within the time limit (often 90 seconds per puzzle). 16 puzzle-rooms in total that come in a random succession (plus an introductory room that always come first). Inspired by "Wario Ware" and "Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes"..

Taken from the Global Game jam page

HammerWatch Coliseum

Spin-off from a PC game to be adapted from mobile phones using Kings new game engine Defold and developed by Hammarhaja AB. Personally worked on the back-end and webservice API calls for the game rather than the gameplay itself.

Do you have what it takes to beat enough coliseums and earn the empress\' liking in the Hammerwatch Castle? Enlist as a gladiator and fight your way through the ranks in this fantasy-themed hack and slash adventure set in the world of critically acclaimed pc game "Hammerwatch". Choose to play as a Warrior, Ranger or Wizard and enjoy beautiful, pixelated, retro carnage as you fight monsters, rivals and bosses in a chain of increasingly difficult challenges.

Taken from the Apple storepage


Tiny android game developed during a game jam hosted by Rovio in stockholm in the spring of \'14. Made with two other people. The game is an endless runner where you are to get the rocket to go as far as possible while avoiding obstacles like asteroids and black holes and also pick up as many stars as possible for extra points and fuel to keep you flying. The rocket is controlled by two seperate thrusters, one for each booster rocket and must be used together to steer the rocket.